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Direct Marketing - Domestic

Correios' Direct Marketing mission:
Encourage the Direct Marketing market in the country and encourage the use of Postal Media by offering a complete solution for the segment.

- Promote, encourage and educate for the use of postal solutions in targeted communication activities of the Direct Marketing segment in Brazil, fomenting it;
- Bringing together associations, institutions and suppliers of solutions for the Direct Marketing segment, providing the exchange of experiences and information for the development of Direct Marketing in Brazil;
- Increase the establishment of agreements, systems and standards in order to draw closer all entities connected to the segment in order to solve common problems;
- Collaborate with the authorities in promoting the development and improvement of direct marketing including the scope of Brazilian education.

After knowing the theory, it's time to materialize both strategy and thinking. We have prepared a selection of cases relating to successful campaigns for you to check if your action is on the right track.

See how the impeccable planning and execution of campaigns, using Direct Mail as their main strategy, have helped companies in different areas and sectors to achieve their communication objectives.

Chain of Solutions for Direct Marketing or Targeted Communications

Solutions tailored to your every need.

For sales, promotions, prospecting and retention
- Postal Direct Mail
- Special Printed Materials
- Letters

Distribution of promotional material without the indication of address
- Residential Direct Mail

Orders, registrations, surveys, data update, re-registrations, postal voting etc.:
- Reply Parcel Envelope

Delivery of periodicals:
- Correios' Direct Delivery

For urgent and impacting messages:
- Telegram

Delivery of e-commerce products:

Financial services:
- Postal Bank

Supply, sale and delivery of third party products:
- CorreiosNet Shopping (In Portuguese)

Customized solutions
- Please signup so that we may contact you! (In Portuguese)